Brandon Fiat


Ted Morse of Morse Operations, Inc. Brandon Fiat

Project Type:

FIAT Image Remodel

Method Used/Special Considerations:

Major remodel to existing 18 year-old, previously occupied Saturn dealership. Rebranding to FIAT “Image” without any remnant design or essence from former Saturn operation, major renovations, business continuity.

The Challenge:

Work closely with the owner and architect to design a functional image compliant FIAT dealership with strong curb appeal and strong differentiation from former Saturn image and brand.

The Solution:

Remove all previous Saturn features, including the entry areas and delivery canopy. Constructed a newly designed FIAT façade with red ACM towers and grey stone panel cladding. Moved existing sales and service departments completely from existing building and relocated to an adjacent, vacant building.

The Result:

The remodeling project was completed leaving no trace of the former Saturn facility. Fully rebranded to the FIAT image the dealership is benefited by a strong brand essence and memorable curb appeal.

What They Said:

“I truly believe this was the easiest and most fun project of all. I know you will agree that the end result was the “coolest” dealership.”

The AutoBuilders' Team:

Bob Rawe (Owner), Linda Barnette (Project Executive), Gerry Kreutzjans (Project Manager), Oscar Osejo (Superintendent), Candi Newell (Project Administrator)