Please know that your team was absolutely amazing during the entire process. But, what amazes me most about your chosen field is how you can visualize the end result…and this one hopefully tops them all.

I am extremely proud to represent the Morse organization, and I am particularly proud to present our newest facility.

Peter Snelling

General Manager, Ed Morse Brandon Fiat

Black, Corley, Owens & Hughes, P.A. is a full service architectural firm that, for the past twelve years, has been involved in the design and construction of over seventy automobile dealerships in numerous states from Texas to Rhode Island. . .

Our client is very demanding and will accept nothing less than the highest quality in both design and construction. I soon learned the President of AutoBuilders, Bob Rawe, has the same set of standards. . .

It is because of my personal experience with them on six different projects in three different states that I can recommend them highly to anyone wishing to build a quality dealership, and have it completed according to the project schedule.

John A. Corley, AIA

President, Black, Corley, Owens & Hughes PA

Harley-Davison of Palm Beach and Aspen Valley Harley-Davidson have had the privilege of using AutoBuilders as the GC for the building of both our dealerships.

I would highly recommend AutoBuilders General Contracting Services for any project they may be considered.

Cindy Beach

General Manager, Harley-Davidson Palm Beach

With the grand opening of our new Toyota dealership fast approaching, I thought it an appropriate time to thank AutoBuilders and your team of professionals for their hard work and dedication in the construction of our state-of-the-art facility. We are so pleased that the design and superior workmanship that you worked so hard to accomplish, brought us exactly what we envisioned and also satisfied Toyota’s new corporate image requirements.

Edward J. Morse Jr.

President / CEP, Morse Operations, Inc.

Penske Automotive Group appreciates the tremendous support and effort your firm has made in meeting and exceeding our expectations. We also express our sincere gratitude that as the Owner, you personally visit and get involved with each project to ensure Roger Penske’s expectations are met. The fact that your entire management team gets involved with our construction and development process is important.

I am pleased to recommend AutoBuilders to any future prospective clients and appreciate the great job your team has accomplished with our projects.

Jeffrey L. Anderson, AIA

Director, Corporate Construction, Penske Automotive Group

With the successful grand opening of our new Audi dealership in Chantilly, Virginia behind us, I thought it an appropriate time to thank you.

Superior workmanship and hands-on project management supervision have produced the quality dealerships for which Penske Automotive Group is known.

It is obvious that you take good care of your business and mine. We had expected nothing but the best from your company, and once again, that is what you have delivered.

Roger S. Penske

Chairman, Penske Automotive Group